Angel Healing

Angel therapy is a New Age healing method that involves working with someone's guardian angels.  It allows the person on the receiving end of therapy to heal various aspects of his or her life. The ability to interpret messages of divine guidance comes from angel therapy as well. There are several potential benefits of angel therapy, including optimism, motivation, clarity, enhanced abilities and increased calmness.
During times of stress, it is easy to view the world as a sad and lonely place. Angel therapy can bring more optimism into a person's life and the world around him or her. This type of therapy can act as an antidepressant for those who need it. Angel therapy can also motivate and empower people to move forward with their lives and achieve goals. It is considered safe for people of all ages to try.
In addition to helping with stressful situations, this type of therapy opens up communication between the receiver and guardian angel. This type of therapy is seen as non-denominational. It also allows you to interpret messages from the guardian angels on a daily basis. An example would be seeking validation and clarity about one's purpose in life. It also helps in various diseases of the mind and the body.

We are surrounded by loving and powerful angels who want to assist us in every area of our life. It is no coincidence that these beings of light have become so popular commercially. Our prayers for heavenly assistance are being heard and it is now time for us to accept the responsibility to heal ourselves, our lives, and our world.

The love, joy and peace of our higher self has been concealed by the experiences of this world that have hurt and drained us emotionally and spiritually. Integrating angelic processes alone or with reiki can help us return us to our natural state of being. In addition to guided meditation , prayer and candle ceremony and some other processes such as Etheric Cord Cutting and white light clearing can have such a profound effect that some may feel an immediate increase in energy and peacefulness. As a result we find that life becomes more fulfilling when we actually feel the love, joy and inner peace .

7 rays of the Archangels Attunement and Healing
ARCHANGEL MICHAEL who serves on the First or Blue Ray which is the Ray of Courage, Strength, Protection and Power.

ARCHANGEL JOPHIEL who serves on the Second or Yellow ray which is the ray of illumination and wisdom.

ARCHANGEL CHAMUEL who serves on the Third or the Pink ray which is the Ray of Love.

ARCHANGEL GABRIEL who serves on the Fourth or White ray which is the Ray of Harmony and Purity.

ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL who serves on the fifth or Emerald green ray which is the Ray of Healing and Truth.

ARCHANGEL URIEL who serves on the Sixth Ray or Gold ray which is the Ray of Peace and Service.

ARCHANGEL ZADKEIL who serves on the Seventh Ray or Violet ray which is the Ray of Transmutation and Freedom.

Each connection is received one after the other in one initiation which will permanently connect you more deeply to each Archangel and Ray.

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