Karmic Healing

Karmic Healing (KH) helps us to identify and therefore unburden ourselves of all the old karma to be free of karma and enter a new dimension of life.

So the laws of karma dictate that the past determines our present. Therefore, a controlled present can translate into a glorious future. Destiny is what YOU make of it. KH is the process of balancing our karma and taking steps to fulfil our karmic debts, whether of this life or past lives. The freedom of choice can be made into a boon or a bane. If used judiciously, this freedom can lead us to heavenly heights or it can drag us to corridors of hell. This freedom steers us to the grand evolution.
But each one does it in our own time: free to indulge or make sacrifices. We are given chance after chance to correct and perfect ourselves, on this road to sublime evolution.

A Clairvoyant and Psychic medium is a channel for healing and uses this gift of Clairvoyance to get to the root cause of your problem; negative karma can manifest as a physical disease, mental illness, an emotional problem, a problematic relationship, business problems, problems at work, financial losses, or any recurring unpleasant situation in life, etc. 

The Karma can be of this life or from past lives. It can also be from parents and ancestors. Sometimes there are Karmic Contracts between souls - we have made a Karmic Contract with another person to help them in their soul's growth and this could have led you to be in a particular situation.

After getting to the root cause of the problem, we will communicate with your Higher Self or your spirit guides to ascertain the best course of action in working out the negative karma. This usually takes a few sessions. After that, depending on your progress and development, you will receive the healing energy and the communication from your spirit guides that will help you to shift to the new higher dimensional state. This new renewed state leads to a changed higher perspective of life and will result in a fuller life in accordance with the Divine plan.
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